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DungeonDiary apk v1.2.9 - Android

Updated: September 20, 2012 Version: 1.2.9
Android: 2.2 and up Category: Casual Size: 1.7M

How to play
At first you receive a quest from "Pub Master" (the aunt of the childhood friend) of the bar. Then, I go into the dungeon and accomplish a quest. I judge the item which I picked up and put it and sell and save money afterwards. And it is the rough flow of this game to pay back a debt. You are penniless at the start, and the equipment is a state such as the seminudity, too.

But, while I explore dungeon in "Free Quest" several times, I save the money and will be that the equipment is filled up little by little. "A Childhood Friend" teaches the necessary knowledge in this game.
In addition, "Dungeon Master" of a young genius explorer spending all its time in the shop is malicious language, but will be to sometimes teach you a new "rule".

You add "the rule" that you learned freely, and you edit it and can change a dungeon search method into you preference. The identification of the item depends on "Merchant". In addition, it will be that "Pub Master" offers "a Chest" as the storage of item safekeeping to you soon.

DungeonDiary apk v1.2.9 - Android
DungeonDiary apk v1.2.9 - Android

Game Download DungeonDiary apk
Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.windbellrrr.app.dungeondiary

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