3D Curveball v3.59 apk

3D Curveball apk v3.59 - Android

Updated: December 31, 2011 Version: 3.59
Android: 1.6 and up Category: Arcade & Action Size: 992k

overview : A ball curves and bounces around in 3D space while you try to keep it from passing your side with your touch or tilt-controlled 2D paddle. Play against an AI opponent, or play in "Target Mode," where you try to hit targets. In this mode, one or more balls are pitched to you, and you aim them at one or more targets, often times around and through obstacles.

Currently includes 19 levels (more to come in the future). If you want to play with a friend, just connect two Android devices to the same Wi-Fi network, run the game on each phone, and connect to each other using "Multiplayer" mode. Similar games on other platforms include 3D Spinball, 3D Pong (the shockwave game), Vectorball, and Curveball (online flash game).

3D Curveball apk v3.59 - Android

Game Download 3D Curveball apk v3.59
Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=Chavez.Curveball

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