Techno Trancer apk

Techno Trancer apk v1.1.3 - Android

Updated: September 7, 2012 Version: 1.1.3
Android: 2.2 and up Category: Arcade & Action Size: 13M

overview : Listen in amazement as music syncs with dazzling action in this pulse-pumping, high-speed shooting game! In addition to the current 2 modes, a hidden AWAKEN MODE has been added! Use your awakened might to evade over 10 times the normal onslaught of enemy fire! 2 exciting new music tracks have also been added!

Key Features:
* Operating Your Ship : Move your ship by dragging your finger across screen to avoid red lasers and destroy your enemies! Enemy lasers are slowed by the anti-gravity field that automatically expands around your ship. If you're not crazy about facing a laserstorm head on, you can take your time by catching and dodging them with the field.

* Collect Energy Bits : The more enemy lasers there are in the anti-gravity field that surrounds your ship, the more "energy bits" will appear when you destroy an enemy.

* Collect these to increase your score : In addition, each time you collect an energy bit, the Energy Gauge at the top of the screen will increase. When it fills up completely, you will enter Awakened Mode, where the

* screen lights up in a dazzling light show : You will be completely invincible and have maximum weapon power until the gauge reaches zero. Also, destroying enemies in Awakened Mode will release large amounts of energy bits!

* Reverse Enemy Lasers with an Anti-Gravity Field Blast : If you find yourself surrounded, shake your device rapidly (*1) to discharge your anti-gravity field on the entire screen.

This will temporarily cause all enemy lasers to reverse course. (This can be used when the icon at the top right of the screen is flashing. But use this with caution: you will lose your anti-gravity field for a short time after using it, making it impossible to slow down enemy lasers.

1 Can be set to activate by simply touching the screen with 2 fingers (via Options).

Recent changes:
Draw quality setting is now available.
Fixed minor bugs on some models.

Techno Trancer apk v1.1.3 - Android
Techno Trancer apk v1.1.3 - Android

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