Back To Hell v1.0 apk

Back To Hell apk v1.0 - Android

Updated: September 12, 2012 Version: 1.0
Android: 1.6 and up Category: Casual Size: 3.3M

overview : All you pathetic humans have the concept of reincarnation wrong, as you will discover playing this game. You see, reincarnation isn't karmic. You don't come back as a banana slug if you were bad, and you aren't going to get to be a Hollywood heart-throb if you were good.

No, reincarnation is a loophole that Hell has to put up with in the ultimate battle for souls. God decided to give the damer darned a way out of Hell and redeem themselves, thus finding their way up to Heaven. Lucifer, in order to overcome this, has to send out his demons to re-kill "reincarnies" before this happens.

This is, of course, EVIL As a demon, you use your point-and-click skills to manipulate the objects around you, solving puzzles as you go. Your demonic powers include levitation and the operation of simple machinery while your creativity allows you to get to no limit of utter mischief.

This is, of course, EVIIIIL Gain entry to the reincarny's house, find his sin, and then come up with a way for him to return from whence he came That's to say, Hell.

This is, of course, EEEEEVIIIILLL
Well, maybe not finding his sin, that's probably justice, but let's never mind that. Remember EEEEEVVVIIIILLLLL!

Back To Hell apk v1.0 - Android
Back To Hell apk v1.0 - Android

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