PALADOG 2.0 Apk Full Version (Cracked)

PALADOG 2.0 Apk Full Version (Cracked)

Req: Android 2.1+ Android Apk Free

PALADOG 2.0 Apk Full Version (Cracked).. Setting a new benchmark for castle versus castle titles, Paladog manages to push genre forward by giving you a greater grip on gameplay (9/10, Gold Award) (, this is the new version of paladog APK Game that give you more exiting as a gamer..

PALADOG 2.0 Apk Full Version (Cracked) Features:
  • perfect game
  • A new hero Darkdog mode is added.
  • The new hero, Darkdog mode gets unlocked bt clearing the event stage that shows up after the 3rd wave of Paladog Survival Mode.
  • New exclusive game modes (Boar Dash/Rocking Horse Defense/Dungeon Defense) added.
  • Paladog and Darkdog shares some items (Gem/Enchant stone/Phoenix Feather) together.
  • Survival 'Friends' mode, which you can have fun with your Facebook friends added.
  • New achievements with Gem award added.

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