Firefox 15 for Android released

The revamped and quicker interface that arrived in Firefox 15 for Android works on tablets as of this update. This includes a replacement begin page, that Mozilla calls the awful Screen; the new layout; dramatically quicker page-load times; and Flash support on Honeycomb, that was a giant think about delaying the launch of the tablet version.

Firefox for android autodetects your device and installs the correct interface with none further input needed.

The android version of Firefox on all devices currently features a Menu choice for jumping to a site's desktop view; closing tabs with a swipe; and looking at intervals a page. The transfer Manager permits you to pause, resume, cancel, and try a failing download; you'll be able to toggle that knowledge to clear from Settings; and you'll be able to import your bookmarks and history from the default humanoid browser. Under-the-hood enhancements embrace the new piece, and SPDY v3.

download here Firefox 15 for Android released

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