Money or Death- snake attack apk

Money or Death is a very simple but addictive game, which is available in android market. The concept is clear & simple. You have to get the money with your hand while the snake is not coming to bite you! But when the snake bites you, you are dead! Money or Death- snake attack! apk: Android latest games apk free download from mediafire!

Market Description:
Money or Death - it's a new exciting game for fans of thrilling. Here you will have to contest in prompt reaction with the most dangerous and poisonous snakes in the world! Currently there are available levels with the following snakes: Black Mamba and Green tree snake. Watch for updates, we will be adding new snakes and new levels.
+ great graphic and sound effects
+ realistic animation
+ this game is absolutely free
+ you and your friends may compete with help of OpenFeint
+ achievements
+ the most dangerous snakes in the world in one game
+ it's simply gambling and fun

Download: Money or Death- Snake attack apk 

Required Android: Android 1.6 & Up

Title Post: Money or Death- snake attack apk
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Author: adi wibowo

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