ssLauncher the Original v1.7.1 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: More freedom to your device!

 'ssLauncher the Original' is implementing all features of ssLauncher(free version). Additionally, this includes more features, some of which will be applied to the free version with approximately monthly intervals.

 * Features
 - all of ssLauncher
 - no ads
 - copy & paste of shortcuts
 - crop icons and images
 - additional page transition animations
 - supports formatted text for missed calls and unread SMS/MMS messages (*)
 - additional shortcut styles (*)
 - set background images for each pages (*)

 The features with (*) will be applied to the free version.

 What's in this version:
 - quick bug fix
 - strong resistance against background kill on low system memory
 - additional option,'Use notification', to make more resistant against background kill
 - optimizing for efficient memory use
 - removed lags for some animations
 - new formatted text for 'unread gmails'
 - importing resources(fonts, icons and images) from folder
 - an option to set different page backgrounds for each of portrait and landscape
 - fixed some bugs and optimized

Download : ssLauncher the Original v1.7.1 Apk

Title Post: ssLauncher the Original v1.7.1 Apk
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