Quick ICS Browser (Donate) v1.1.5 Apk

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: This is donate version of Quick ICS Browser.

 --Features only in donate version--
 - Disabling recent changes dialog
 - Auto text reflow : Automatically reflow the text after pinch zoom

 If you appreciate the work I have put into this app and would to help support further development, please buy donate version.

 ***Jerry Bean (Android 4.1) Limitation : Inverted rendering, top url bar and auto text reflow are not currently supported***


 Quick ICS Browser is an improved version of stock Android 4.0.3 Browser.

 --- FEATURES ---
 ***Add many quick control items.
 "Close tab", "Go back", "Go forward", "Refresh page",
 "Add to bookmarks", "Toggle fullscreen", "Expand notification bar", "Find on page",
 "Bookmark shortcut" and "Quick Share".

 ***Bookmark shortcut
 A quick control item which have one bookmark

 ***Quick Share
 Quick Share enables you to share the curent URL to a specific app immediately.
 For example, if you set Read it Later app to Quick Share, you can share the URL to it by sliding thumb a little.

 ***Customizable quick controls.
 - Choosing which items to show in quick controls
 - Changing their order
 - Selecting which side to show quick controls
 - Auto adjust quick controls' size so that all controls are drawn inside the screen
 - Extra quick controls : when you slide thumb in the upper/lower region of the screen, different layout quick controls are shown.

 Currently, support "Go back" and "Go forward".

 ***Volume key scroll
 ***Custom user agent

 What's in this version:
 Version 1.1.5 (7/9 Released)
 Initial support for Jerry Bean(Android 4.1)
 Add "Open homepage", "Scroll to top", "Scroll to bottom" to quick controls.
 Support changing the size of quick controls.
 Version 1.1.4 (3/1 Released)
 Add "Switch user agent" to quick controls.
 Add some gestures : "Previous tab", "Next tab", "Close tab"

Download : Quick ICS Browser (Donate) v1.1.5 Apk

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