Claystone Launcher Pro v2.21 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Claystone Launcher - Everything in your cloud and Android phone in one swipe.

 With Claystone we've strived to redefine the launcher genre with our new tandem launcher, allowing you to use Claystone and your standard launcher simultaneously.

 Based on your feedback, we've introduced support for a standard launcher experience alongside the intuitive, gorgeous third dimension of Claystone s Everything View. Claystone's tandem launcher doesn t replace your current launcher, but rather builds and improves on it by allowing you to access both apps at the same time.

 Integrated Amazon Content

 Building on our prior success with Amazon content integration, Claystone delivers an easier and more accessible set of content stacks to deliver Amazon Apps and Instant Video. Search and browse content with the swipe of a finger. Purchase and view immediately knowing that your content is always accessible in the cloud.

 Installation Instructions

 1. After downloading and installing Claystone, hit 'Home' and select Claystone as your default launcher

 2. Claystone will then ask which launcher you'd like to use in tandem with it

 3. At any point, tap 'Home' to toggle between Claystone and your standard launcher (or tap 'Home' twice to jump directly to the standard launcher)

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 What's new in this version:
 - Fixed an issue which could cause Claystone to slow down or force close
 - Added Letter icons to Quick Launch to improve swipe efficiency
 - Added preference to enable or disable Quick Launch Letters
 - Other framework fixes

 - Remove old version before installation.
 - No pro key needed.

Download : Claystone Launcher Pro v2.21 Apk
Claystone Launcher Pro v2.21 Apk premium

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