Better Cracked Screen PRO v2.3 Apk

Requirements: Android O/S : 1.6+
Overview: Better Crack, better joke, better fun!

 Why better?
 Because keeps running, even when You press BACK button, or HOME button... Prank is still ready!! You are sure Your joke will not fail!!

 Even in touch mode there is a delay, so Your friends will be surprised after few touches!! Perfect prank!

 Multi-mode, multi-crack!! Enjoy!!

 Overridden BACK button AND HOME button- more realistic, when BACK & HOME buttons doesn't work. Shake Your Phone, to stop program. Close App by pressing HOME button. Short, realistic vibration.

 If there will occur some problem - write mail to me, please. I can't answer and react on comments - it doesn't solve any problems.

 Developed under Ubuntu Linux in Eclipse Pulsar, graphics by Sarthony.

Download  :  Better Cracked Screen PRO v2.3 Apk

Title Post: Better Cracked Screen PRO v2.3 Apk
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Author: adi wibowo

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