AnTuTu CPU Master Pro v2.5.2 Apk

Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: AnTutu CPU Master is a tool for changing the CPU speed (capable of overclock and underclock) on a rooted android devices to improve performance or save battery.

 Automatic detection CPU's available frequencys, don't need to manually choose.

 CPU Master's widget show the CPU and battery stats, and change the CPU speed faster and simple.

 CPU Master also allows you to set up profiles to change the CPU speed under certain conditions, such as when the phone is asleep or charging, when the battery level drops below a certain point, or when the phone's temperature is too high.

 Note: Root is necessary

 Easy to find the following brands HTC,Motorola,Samsung,Google,LG ROOT

 CPU Master Similar:setcpu, OverclockWidget,Milestone overclock

 What's in this version:
 - Support for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) devices.
 - Fixed frequency setting now work on some devices.
 - Change safemode default action to 'Continue' and reduce waiting time.
 - Add Polish translate.
 - Revised Japanese translate.

Download : AnTuTu CPU Master Pro v2.5.2 Apk

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