Advanced Clock Widget Pro v0.715 Apk

Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Small, fully configurable and battery friendly widget with:

 On HONEYCOMB or ICECREAMSANDWICH a reboot MIGHT be needed to make the widget show up on the list (this is not my fault). Please try free version first!
 Small (<100kb), fully configurable and extremely battery efficient **WIDGET** with:
 - Digital clock
 - Customizable fonts and colors (for transparent bg set alpha to 0!)
 - Multiple layout templates
 - Battery status (with time remaining)
 - Network operator / WiFi network name
 - World clock with timezone support (just add multiple widget and set manually weather/location in the options)
 - Current location, date and uptime
 - Current and tomorrow weather
 - Next alarm
 and more...

 Again, this is a *WIDGET*! Long press on your home screen to add it, stop giving "1 star" saying that it does not open!
 - If you like the widget -> RATE IT!
 - If you have problems -> SEND ME AN EMAIL!
 - I cannot answer comments -> SEND ME AN EMAIL!
 - Exclude this from your task killer if you have one
 - DO NOT move to SD! Widgets are not working on SD (they will disappear at reboot!)

 This version has configurable tap to launch feature for clock hours/minutes (2 different actions, PLEASE be patient when you configure it, list MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD if you have many apps installed), settings save/restore and custom text areas.

 Coming on next releases (stay tuned!):
 - More templates
 - 2x1 sizes

 What's in this version:
 - Small fixes (0.715)
 - Added battery temperature / voltage
 - Added option for AM/PM clock without "am/pm"
 - Solved refresh issues on Jelly Bean

Download : Advanced Clock Widget Pro v0.715 Apk

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