Navfree Free GPS Navigation
Navfree is one of the best applications for Android GPS navigation. Unlike other applications is based on service of Open Street Map, one of the best alternative to Google Maps service that has a large user community that is improving daily maps.

Like other applications, lets you create an account and download the maps on your device, then you will see offline mode, so no need for the data connection on for navigation.


    • Drag and move the navigation maps
    • On board of the maps, ie maps offline
    • Button large display for ease of use with touch screen devices
    • Day and night maps
    • Auto zoom at intersections
    • Automatic rerouting
    • Calculate long routes in seconds
    • Multipathing Options faster, easier, cheaper, etc.
    • Search by street address or postcode of your destination
    • Search instantly select any point on the map
    • Use Google or Microsoft Bing directly from Navfree
    • Dedicated pedestrian navigation
    • Volume of the music automatically fades when the voice guidance is played

                            • NavFree allows you to plan your route by directly entering the address, a POI, or search directly in Google, but for this, will need a data connection.

                            • It also lets you preview the route, alternative routes or view the entire route on the map and you can choose between various types of vehicle as a car, motorcycle, truck, route type: fastest, easiest, shortest, avoiding tolls, avoid highways, and view maps in 2D or 3D.

                            • NavFree is available in Europe, North America, New Zealand, India, South America, Australia, Latin America and other countries.

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