8 Android Game Hottest Month april2012

List of Hottest Month Android Game 8 april 2012

Game for Android is one of the most popular categories on Google Play. Almost always there is a new game in Google Play every day. Game for Android that we present this time is the order of 8 games on the most popular Android Month in March 2012.
This sequence could be changed every month, depending on the amount of download and try these games for Android.

1. Ninja Chicken for Android, Android Games Hot.

This game is not a new game, but getting the title as the most popular android game in March 2012. Ninja Chicken game for Android has been downloaded by more than 5 million Android users around the world.
Game about a chicken who feels that he is a Chicken Ninja (Ninja Chicken). With your help, the chicken ninja will show the strength and skill as a ninja. Click here to download the Ninja Chicken for Android.

2. Angry Birds for Android.

This game can not be denied again as one of the best games in the year 2011 to date. Phenomenal game tells the story of a group of birds that seek to save their eggs were stolen by a bunch of pigs.
This game has been downloaded by about 50 million Android users around the world!. Game birds angry was last updated by the author on 8 February 2012. Disnis click to download Angry Birds game for Android

 3. Skater Boy for Android.
Skater Game Boy was ranked the third most popular Android games for the month of March 2012.
Skater Game Boy is a simple game, where we are asked to become a true skater, by performing various maneuvers and exciting improvisation. Click here to download the game for Android Skater Boy.

4. Pirate King for Android

Pirate King is an adventure game containing a pirate. With adventure to fight with various types of monsters in the game for android pirate king, you will be more entertained with detailed graphics of this game.
It has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users of Android, with the last update on March 13, 2012. Click here to download the game for Android Pirate King

5. Speed ​​3D Car Racing for Android.

A collection of 21 wallpapers which is very attractive sports car for your Android. These wallpapers can be set to always change at any time, so do not get bored with the same wallpaper all the time. 

6. Pool Master for Android

Pool Master for Android is one of the most popular billiard game and liked among the users Androi billiard games for other Android. The graph on the Pool Master for Android is very realistic and fascinating.
Can you play this game with 2 modes, the single player mode and VS mode between your computer or with your friends. 

7. Drag Racing for Android

One of the racing game play. Drag Racing for Android will make you spend hours, even days before your Android screen. This game is a simulation game that lets you drag to start the career of a cheap first car to be able to get our dream car. Each of us win in a drag, we will get additional money to buy the upgrade parts of the car. This game also has the facility to drag the opponent's jamming us from the internet. Very exciting. Download Frag Racing game for Android

8. 2012 Galaxy striker for Android

Games Sci-Fi adventure that takes us into the future in 2025, where our world is attacked by aliens from outer space. By using three types of jet fighter aircraft of the future, you will be the vanguard of the defense of the earth from aliens attack planes.
With the graphical display is gorgeous, makes you want to continue to be fascinated and Galaxy striker memainan 2012. Download Galaxy Striker 2012 for Android

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