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Answer : The Game Boy Advance proved to be as lucrative as its predecessor, shifting millions of units and host to countless fantastic games, including the ports of remarkable SNES title (The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past) and brilliant Exclusives (Metroid Fusion, Zelda : Minish Cap Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow).

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Despite the fact that the JCC offers many of the visual tricks present in SNES titles - such as sprite rotation and scaling effects - GameBoid never seems to struggle as does the unfortunate SNesoid. It is possible for just about every GBA title to play with clay at an acceptable speed.

As you will know if you've already read our reviews of other Android-based yongzh efforts GameBoid comes loaded with options that allow you to custom your experiences to your personal preferences. You can tinker with the screen size and aspect ratio, assign action buttons (need you're an Android phone with a physical keyboard to come out the most enjoyment out of it) to your mobile phone keyboard and even save you save your progress with a single mouse States .
Good news! Game Bator fraudsters can now support! If you want to use cheats, be sure to check out the FAQ! We can not commit to support all the cheats.

Game Bator is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulator for Android devices. It can run almost all GBA games.It play. Can gba and. Zip (gezippt. GBA) files, but provides no GBA games in it. And it can not open any other ROMs, such as GBC, SMC, etc. Please download GBA games from the Internet or other storage medium.

Game Bator standard feature a GBA BIOS file for easy use. If you BIOS file failed to load, please change the BIOS file for the device only once.

- Make the most of the GBA games at full speed
- On-screen virtual keyboard
- Saving and loading States
- Cheat!
- Fast forward
- Screen Upside-Down
- Use to record the screenshot to the classical rate of progress
- Save and load profiles key
- Integrate game G ****** website

First If you want to update this application, please uninstall then install it again.
2.When set to the use of cheats, sometimes need to play (for example, set the stage of the game), sometimes you have to restart the software (eg Weired some problems).
Third There are several types of cheats like Gameshark V1/V2/V3, so you can type the cheat code in the settings (user settings-> cheat code type) to choose.
If you do not know which way you try to see both, you can run.
4.Only support 16-digit code cheat now.

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