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Many people today arque that some people need a tablet because its function, but some them thinks twice because the price is expensive. Many tablets Android, such as HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 came with a price comes close to matching the cost of the machine from Apple, but not all are willing to pay more to get involved in their hands.

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As always, the world of technology are used need more budget, including Android, and to deliver brilliant, and in some cases, victims are surprisingly few of its more expensive brethren will have.

1. Advent Vega, impressed us by providing the proper fundamentals of the modern record. It offers an attractive touch, good equipment in its chipset Nvidia Tegra 2 and solid experience to surf the internet, including Flash. With all the corners were cut else where.The 10-inch screen has a resolution is not comparable as no surprise with the big leagues, but not as good viewing angles, and the operating system, Android 3.0. But since it is only 200 pounds in those days, it's still an amazing amount of the tablet for the money.

2. Archos 101, this is another tablet of the most important things right to manage an affordable price. We found the performance to be strong, with web browsing smooth and responsive Multi-Touch gestures. The screen is also an important feature for sharp, vibrant images with 1024 x 600, 10 inches. He can think a little, but it is still a strong feature of a limited budget.

3. ViewSonic ViewPad 7, panels The 7-inch tablet Dinky is useless as a smartphone, at times, we are a little bit in this journal, but has increased significantly. Unlike many pills here ViewSonic ViewPad 7 with the Android Market on board, it is the entire App Catalog is available to the operating system. It is not very strong when it comes to performance, but there is still much potential for the price, thanks to the Android Market.

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