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Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date
Many people in world are waiting for the successor to the Samsung S2 Galaxy cell phone and rumors continue to flow only from the upcoming Galaxy S phone. In a video at CES 2012 Samsung president tilted user that they found the Galaxy S III photo, but now it is clear that Galaxy S III at the Mobile World Congress will be announced at Barcelona in the last weekof February 2012. Still there are no perfect details of the Galaxy S III and rumors continue within and among the first to speculate about this phone were leaked flowing sample photo and the specifications of the Galaxy S III receiver.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs Review
Galaxy III handset based on the upcoming Galaxy handset that will come in the near future and we will see many reworkings of the predecessor of the existing Galaxy phones.Although Apple has lost the copyright infringement against Samsung, they would not have a copy of what Apple might consider as an infringement of copyright to create. Of the previous rumors we go from the requirements of the Galaxy S III receiver, and its sure that it is the mixture of bread revolutionary Tablet + Smartphone Combo Note Galaxy Galaxy and S 2 are listeners. Below is the leaked specifications of the Galaxy III audience -
1.8 GHz quad-core procesor
1.5 GB of RAM
4.65 inche Super AMOLED III HD display
10-megapixel camera
32 GB of internal storage
2250 mAh battery
NFC chip
Ice Cream Sandwich
Touchwiz 5.0

With any claims that would be the start of the device during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2012 and now reports the spreads that are available through April 2012 in Europe.

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