Ask : how to maximize your android phone's battery life, or increase battery life android phone

Answer : Android is the most popular and most widely used mobile operating systems around the world and the importance of Android is increasing day by day. if you are an owner of an Android smartphone as there is a problem is widespread and that is "low batter life of the device." It happens with every single smartphone users so no new thing. in the morning youhave your device fully charged and by next afternoon to give you notice that almost 20% -15% battery remaining, and this is very annoying.

So I'll explain, make and give you some talking basic and advance tips to improve the performance of the battery, so without much thought can immediately go to the main theme and discuss the different ways to improve on where you / increase the battery life of your Android device.

How To increase battery life of Android:
Follow the steps below and you will certainly get some improvement in battery life with an effective performance.
-. reducing the screen brightness:
Screen brightness is the most important part, which consumes much battery and because of this before low battery life. By default the feature is "Automatic brightness" is activated, the first thing to do is uncheck the box and reduce them to the lower level, so that thebrightness does not consume so much battery. You can do through Settings>> Display>>brightness>> and reduce it to the lower level.
-. Power saving mode:
It is always recommended to use energy-saving mode, because this feature providessome excellent results in terms of increasing battery life. You can, by selecting Settings>> Display>> Power Saving Mode>> Check it.

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